We organize travel agendas for women who love sewing, fashion, sight-seeing and having fun. We carefully plan activities to give you great value for your dollar but still leave free time for you to pursue your own interests. We intentionally keep our groups small so we can go to places not available to large groups.

New York City, New York
May 2018
Our tours are not just for women who sew. Invite your mom, daughters, sisters, friends or even your husband. You will enjoy meeting and sharing time with wonderful people who have similar interests. Room arrangements are usually two sharing a room. If you are traveling alone, we make every effort to place you with someone you will enjoy. In fact, lasting friendships have been made on our tours and some of these new friends continue to travel together.
"I was pretty apprehensive about the trip, because I don't sew a lot of clothes anymore. (I make quilts.) However, I came home very inspired to jump back in. I don't move as fast I used to (I used to make at least a garment a week), but I have big plans to at least make up the fabric I bought in New York. You and Marla were awesome tour guides, especially compared to what I experienced on my quilt tour in Oregon last summer. New York was exhausting, but fun, varied and inspirational. Not to mention a great price! I had a wonderful time!"

- Lauren
If you have questions about any of our tours, please contact owner Marsha McClintock.
Today's traveler needs to think about safety and security. Forget that purse and keep your money, traveler's checks and passport safely tucked in pockets discretely hidden in your garments. Click on the link at left to view a wonderful selection of travelwear sewing patterns and travel accessories at our sister company, SAF-T-POCKETS Patterns.

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